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I have been searching several years for a MXR model 143 Limiter pedal. They show up on eBay occasionally, typically for $200 or more depending on condition. I recently got lucky and snagged a pair of them within a few days of each other. One was broken and the other was supposed to be in working condition. However the “working” unit passed signal but was distorted when pushed hard. I kept it anyway because the price was right and I had no concerns about repairing it.

The 143 is the big brother of the MXR DynaComp compressor pedal but with obvious differences. The heart of the 143 is the CA3280 trans conductance op amp which is an improved dual version of the CA3080. Both chips are long since out of production and can be hard to source. I was able to find on online source for the 3280 for about $7 apiece.

The actual circuit design of the 143 is very different than the DynaComp. It uses ½ of the 3280 to control the gain of an op amp stage rather than have the signal be amplified directly by the 3080. In addition the 143 has a much more sophisticated side chain with variable attack and release. Once I get these going I will post a review. Here is a review from the perspective of a bass player. BTW I have converted both of these to DC power inputs like in the MXR Distortion II post. Same exact procedure.



  1. Just picked one of these up yesterday for $50 – looking for any info I can find, and stumbled on your great write-ups! Let me know what you discover, I’m anxious to read –

    • chris

      Great find for $50!! hopefully it works for you. I am a bit behind with vacations and holidays but I will have a review up soon.


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