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One of the most frequently replaced parts on Boss pedals is the rubber grommet that the pedal thumbscrew rides in.
Many older pedals have this part completely missing or worn so badly the thumb screw is bent or started to wear the metal groove the screw rides in. A worn or missing grommet can cause switching issues not to mention the annoying clanking noise from the metal on metal contact.DSCN0252
You can order a replacement part from Boss for about $5 USD. Or you may find an ebay vendor selling replacements for inflated prices.
I use standard 7/16 or ½ inch diameter grommets available at most hardware stores and home centers, like Lowe’s or Home Depot. DSCN0253
You can also find these sizes in assortments from Radio Shack.



  1. Thanks for sharing!
    Do you have any idea where can I get the batery screw? On eBay its around 5 bucks each.

    • The Boss pedals use a 3MM thread size for the screw. Small Bear Electronics has a nice stainless screw for around 3 bucks. On some of my pedals I use a standard M3 phillips head because I never use a battery in those pedals.

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