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The Radial Bigshot EFX is a 2 loop true bypass switcher. Each loop has its own in/out switch along with ground lift switches for each loop and a mute function that makes loop 2 a mute on/off. The enclosure is a nice heavy duty powder coated steel that has some heft to it. The only thing missing are indicators for the loop status.
The EFX comes with DPDT type switches directly attached to the PCB. The easiest way to install loop indicators is to replace the stock switches with two 3PDT type with the third pole switching the LED indicator on/off.
First remove the original switches from the PCB.

Next install the LED’s and the power connector.

Wire up the LED’s along with the limiting resistors to the switches.

Wire the new switches to the PCB pads of the original switches. The 3PDT foot switches should be mounted so the switch terminals clear the surface of the PCB. I threaded the internal switch nut all the way down against the switch body and the switches clear the PCB with no problems.

Test and close it up. Here is the finished mod. I choose an orange and a blue/green LED for the indicators.



  1. Great mod for the Radial engineering bigshot efx effects loop with LEDs.
    I’m wondering about a similar mod to my Radial Engineering Big Shot ABY Passive Switcher to install LEDs. I’m thinking the “both” switch as just on/off led, and the A or B switch to have two color single LED, example: A = red, B = green? Any combination as long as it indicates which channel your in. Otherwise, thanks for the efx loop mod.

    • I would use a single bi-color LED for the A/B section. The “both” switch could turn on both LED colors for a third color. That way a single LED can indicate all three states. Radial has a good description of the device operation at:
      As with the EFX switcher the existing switches can be removed and replaced with almost any 3PDT switch to get the functions you need.

  2. Great mod, thanks so much. I completed it and it had been working really well for a few months. I recently had a problem though. I use a 1Spot power supply to power the 2 LEDs along with two other pedals. The 1Spot is plugged into a surge protector power strip with another pedal that requires AC power. The surge protector power strip is plugged into the wall socket. I left one of the Radial bypass loops on (with LED lit) when I turned off the power. The next time I turned on the power strip, the LED blew out. Don’t know whether the LED or resistor were faulty, or whether the initial power surge blew out the LED. Also hear a rather loud pop through my amp the first time I turn on each of the loops. After the first time, there is no more pop. Have you had any problems with this issue?

    • LEDs usually blow because of too much current passing through them. There may be a current surge from the 1spot when it starts up. Try a larger series resistor for the LED. It will reduce the brightness but the LED will last much longer. As far as “pops” when switching it could be the switch itself but it sounds like the effects themselves may be causing pops due to the lack of “pull down” resistors on the outputs. Try some different pedals in the loops to see if the pop goes away. You may have to try another switch. All mechanical switches pop to some extent and some are better than others.

  3. Thanks for this post! I’m going to perform a similar mod on my Radial BigShot I/O. Step 3 reads “Wire up the LED’s along with the limiting resistors to the switches,” but I didn’t see any resistors in the picture. Would these be between the 9V and the LEDs? And what value would you use?

    • The resistors are hidden under the black heat shrink tubing. For high brightness LEDs you may need to use something in the range of 3k to 10k resistors to lower the brightness to something that doesn’t blind you on a dark stage but is still visible in daylight conditions. I think I used a 4.7k 1/4 watt resistor.

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